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14th September 2017

Dear Friends It feels as if Chiswick is really buzzing again after the summer holidays!  Just within our own parish we’ve already had the Fullers day of fun, the Devonshire Road street party, and coming up on Thursday of this week the first ​event in the Chiswick Book Festival will be held at Chiswick House. This will be […]

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6th September 2017

Dear Friends A salutary tale. On Friday 25 August at 1.15pm I was scammed by somebody on the telephone claiming to be from BT. As soon as they said they wanted to shut my internet down for 20 days, because it was infected by a virus which was causing harm to BT internet systems, I […]

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27th July 2017

Dear Friends For the last two weeks I’ve been thinking quite a lot about faith in general and my faith in particular. As many of you know we were not even a nominally religious family. I was sent to Sunday School, but only once, having endured this particular Sunday afternoon in a class room, characterised by complete chaos, I […]

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