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8th November 2017

Dear Friends It hardly seems possible, but Advent and Christmas are just around the corner. It’s always a busy time of the year in the parish, so I just thought I’d offer you some advance dates for your diary. On Sunday 19th November at 6pm I will be ‘In Conversation’ with the Bishop of Chelmsford. […]

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1st November 2017

Dear Friends I was invited, or was it summonsed, to lunch at the Bishop’s house in Twickenham on Monday afternoon. Always strange affairs – who will be there? What does the Bishop want? It was redeemed by the appearance of Fr Kevin Morris and Fr Andrew Downes. There was one slightly hysterical moment, made so by the […]

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26th October 2017

Dear Friends Driving down the coast road last week on my way to Bamburgh I was struck by the beauty of the Northumbrian landscape. The stone of the original buildings seemed to blend perfectly with colour of the Autumnal leaves, it was all quite emotional. I do find myself close to tears sometimes at the […]

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