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25th March 2020

Dear Friends We live in fast moving times. One minute I can go into church to pray, now that is impossible and I/all clergy whose houses are not physically attached to the church are banned from entering their church buildings. So we will arrange for our service tomorrow morning and on Sunday to be broadcast from the Parish Hall (as I can access without leaving the Vicarage garden). I have attached a copy of […]

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18th March 2020

Dear Friends I’m sorry to bombard you with lots of messages, Hayley and I are attempting to get as much information out to you as it becomes available. The London bishops wrote to all clergy yesterday, they began with a quote from Saint Paul’s second letter to Timothy, which I think kind of sums up our approach to this unique situation. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but […]

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12th March 2020

Dear Friends Yesterday we received a communication from Lambeth Palace via the Bishop of London. The Archbishop has decided that for the foreseeable time the Church should offer communion in one kind only and so from today this is what St Nicholas will do. It goes without saying that we continue to be vigilant in our personal hygiene, hand washing is a vital weapon in our armoury to prevent the transmission of this virus. The […]

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