Everyone is someone at St Nick’s, but some are more visible than others:

Fr Simon Brandes
Rev’d Eileen McGregor
Associate Vicar

 Fr Alan Trigle




Chris Lucy and Susan Marshall
Church Wardens

David Cresswell
Director of Music
Martin Daly

Like all Church of England churches, St Nick’s is governed by a Parochial Church Council, largely elected by parishioners, but with some ex-officio members. Two churchwardens, also elected by the parishioners, have primary responsibility with the vicar for the day-to-day running of the church.

The PCC meets each month, and each year after Easter there is a general meeting of the parish called the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. At the APCM there are elections for churchwardens and the PCC, and an Annual Report is presented together with the financial statements of the church.

The Annual Report and Accounts for 2015, presented to the APCM on 24th April 2016, is available here.

The PCC of St Nicholas with St Mary Magdalene, Chiswick, is registered with the Charity Commissioners, no. 1132838