Chiswick School Breakfast Club

The Chiswick School Breakfast club, which has been supported by St Nicholas, was introduced in September 2013 and since then its popularity has significantly increased. The Club was set up mainly as a result of concerns that a substantial proportion of pupils are not eating breakfast and arriving at school hungry, which may impact negatively on learning and behaviour. The main aims of the Club fit into three categories:

  • provision of food at the start of the day
  • improving pupils’ education
  • meeting the social needs of children and improving social skills

The role of breakfast clubs is wider than the provision of food; they also provide a calm and safe environment before school, help develop social skills, provide the opportunity for additional learning through social interaction, or provide time to complete homework. Attending a breakfast club also assists pupils to arrive at school on time (or even encourage them to attend at all), and be ready to learn when classes begin.

Chiswick School currently run the Breakfast Club on Monday and Friday mornings, with a clear ambition to extend this to five days per week. However, although the food provided is bought at cost, with the increased numbers equalling almost 90 on some mornings, affordability is a key issue. Determined to continue to do the right thing for the students, any donations to the cost of running the Club would be greatly appreciated.

In July 2014 St Nicholas Church launched an art competition at Chiswick School to find a poster design for the Harvest Fair. On 1st October 2014 Fr Andrew presented the winners with their prizes.