Where is Namacunde?

St Simon & St Jude is in Namacunde, Cunene province, southern Angola, about 15 minutes north (if driving) from the Namibian/Angolan border. This link to Google maps gives an idea of how sparsely populated the region is. Switch to satellite view and zoom out to get a better idea of the context.



Here’s a map showing Angola’s position relative to the rest of Africa



This map shows the provinces of Angola, with Cunene at the bottom, left of centre in a sort of flowerpot colour. To give an idea of scale, Angola is about 800 miles from North to South, while Namacunde is 610 miles south of the Capital, Luanda (the small purple province on the coast at the upper left).



And finally, here’s detail of Cunene province showing Namacunde right down by the Namibian border