10th March 2022

Dear Friends

As I write this, yet again we hear news of the most horrendous situation in Ukraine. The despicable practice of targeting innocent individuals, especially pregnant women and children, is indicative of a state and a leadership bereft of even a basic morality, or care for human life, their actions are evil. We must resist this dark force with all of our might and expertise. Please pray for the people and the land of Ukraine. If you can help with donations please see our previous e-bulletin. 

It feels a bit ridiculous to continue with mundane notices about parish life but here goes.

The work to restore our stone work has created quite a lot of dust in the church and we would like to spend some time cleaning and polishing our church interior. If you have some time spare please join us on Saturday 26th March 10am- 12.00 noon, just bring yourselves, we will provide the polish and dusters!

Do join us for our Lent course on Tuesday evenings 6.00pm – 7.00pm either on Zoom, you can get a link form the parish office, or we meet in person in the parish hall.

Fr Alan has posted the first of his Facebook talks on the bible, again go to our parish Facebook page or you can access the link at the bottom of my letter.

Don’t forget our Lent Lunches on Fridays in Lent at 12.30pm. Come and enjoy bread and soup in church after our 12.00 noon mass.

A plea, could anybody help us with managing and posting on our Facebook page, we need a volunteer. 

With my thoughts and prayers for you all.