17th March 2022

Dear Friends

As we continue to witness the appalling bombardment of innocent civilians in Ukraine, please keep the people of Ukraine in your prayers. Following the Government announcement on Monday, Ian and I have been considering the possibility of hosting a refugee at the vicarage. I know Mother Eileen and Gerald are thinking along the same lines. It would be good to know if others are considering this as a possibility, perhaps we could get together for a chat? I know St Michael Bedford Park has discussed this matter and with Mother Eileen we will be in contact with them to offer our support and to examine what we can do together to help.

Hopefully next week we will have posters and flyers available inviting people to meet the Bishop of London on Palm Sunday at our 10.30am Parish Mass. It would be a massive help if people could help distribute these leaflets. Just sign the list at the back of the church indicating where you will deliver your leaflets.  We are also having a bring and share lunch after the mass, there is a list at the back of church on the noticeboard, please sign up.  Most of all we would love you to join us to celebrate, what we can all now see, our magnificent restoration work completed.

A massive thanks to Susan Marshall, who has worked tirelessly to make this project possible.

God Bless