20th January 2022

Dear Friends

It was wonderful to see so many people in church for last Sunday’s concert. These Sunday concerts do seem to be becoming more and more popular. A huge thank you to Heather and her team for arranging them and providing such wonderful cake. Where would we be without cake? 

Thinking of cake, I was also thinking of the importance of ‘wellness’. We have all been through such difficult times, the temptation is to keep our heads down and carry on. Carrying on will only work if we have enough reserves in the bank, hence the importance of creating space for rest and relaxation – time off, or time away from our day to day activities. We have biblical precedent, God rested after creation, the community of Israel talked about resting after six years,  “The seventh year will be a year of rest… a year of Jubilee.”  (Leviticus 25) I do hope you will all be able to take time for yourselves in the coming months. Time for rest and relaxation is never time wasted.