24th March 2022

Dear All

There is a lot of information contained in this weeks E-Bulletin, please do take the time to read it. I don’t want to extend the bulletin too much so here are a couple of observations/ pleas from me.

If you could help us clean the church on Saturday, that would be an enormous help. We need to begin to remove the stone dust which has collected on virtually every surface. Details and timings are in this e-bulletin.

Holy Week and Easter are fast approaching. I know that many of you will be away on holiday, but if you are at home, it would be wonderful to see you on Palm Sunday at 10.30am to greet the Bishop of London. If you would like to provide some finger food for our post service get together, that would be most welcome. There is a notice at the back of the church.

We need people to volunteer to read and participate in the Holy week services, I need volunteers to help read the passion of Palm Sunday and Good Friday. To read on Maundy Thursday Good Friday and at the Easter vigil. I have put a list at the back of the church and have included the readings so that you can practise, please sign up. It’s wonderful to think that after a two year break we are beginning to return to something like normal.

If you would like to serve on Sunday morning at our parish mass – young or older, you would be most welcome, I will provide training. Please let me know if you are happy to help.

Enjoy the sunshine!

God Bless


Dear Friends

We enjoyed another terrific concert in church on Sunday afternoon! The Celestine Trio was delightful, their music quite beautiful, and it was lovely to see a number of new faces in the audience. Many thanks to Heather who does a terrific job at organising these fund-raising concerts, and to all the team who supply amazing quantities of tea and cakes.

Many thanks to all those who have already responded to our Planned Giving Campaign by joining the Parish Giving Scheme run by the diocese, and also to those who have most generously increased their giving. For those who haven’t done so yet, and would like to, details are given below.  

The following message is from Susan Welsh, our PCC member who has been leading this campaign:

If you have not yet joined Planned Giving, we urge you to consider contributing to the life of St Nicholas in this important way. Even if you already give to St Nicholas, we respectfully ask that you consider joining our new centralised Parish Giving Scheme, which will help us keep our budget running smoothly and relieve us of extra admin work. You can join via the scheme’s website at www.parishgiving.org.uk or download an information leaflet and an application form. To switch, current givers will need to join and then cancel their old standing orders (but not too soon, please—kindly note when your first payment on the new scheme begins). Information packs including Fr Simon’s letter and some further information about our parish finances are also available at the back of church. Please pick one up! Questions? Feel free to contact Susan Welsh at susanlwelsh@btinternet.com.

With every blessing 

Mother Eileen