3rd February 2022

Dear Friends

It seems like we have just celebrated Candlemass, the official end of Christmas
and we are now turning our eyes to Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday 2 March.
There will be two masses with the imposition of ashes. 9.30am and 8.00pm.
I do hope you will be able to join us as we begin our Lent pilgrimage.

During Lent there will be a couple of activities offered which we hope you
will find useful and enlightening.

The clergy will be publishing on Facebook a series of talks as an introduction
to the bible.
There will be three talks from Fr Alan, by way of introduction
I will be taking on the Old Testament prophets
Mother Eileen will be talking about Saint Paul and his epistles.
You will be able to access these talks on Facebook any time during Lent.

In addition we will be reading and studying a book together, literally going on retreat together and we will do this each week on Zoom, so you will need to ask to be invited to the zoom meeting.  The book has six sections, a little like six addresses which a retreat conductor might give. Each chapter ends with spiritual exercises and prayerful actions. The book is called ‘On Retreat with Henri Nouwen – Engaging with Life’s Big Questions’. It’s written by Chris Pritchett and Marjorie J. Thompson. It is published by Canterbury Press.  

I do hope you will be able to join us on retreat this Lent.

Finally we will be celebrating another weekday Eucharist together and afterwards sitting down to some soup and bread for lunch. More details about this in a couple of weeks time.

God bless


Dear Friends

This Sunday we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the accession to the throne of our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth, the first British monarch to reach this amazing milestone. What a remarkable achievement for her, and how she has served her people so well!  We shall be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee in a series of events in June, which will mark the anniversary of her coronation, but meanwhile let us offer to God this prayer for her:

Almighty God, the fountain of all goodness,
bless our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth,
and all who are in authority under her;
that they may order all things
in wisdom and equity, righteousness and peace,
to the honour and glory of your name
and the good of your Church and people;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen