6th January 2022

Dear Friends

Happy New Year.

Thank you to everybody who sent me messages during my isolation. It all seems so long ago, but I remember congratulating myself that I had avoided the virus for nearly two years – little did I know. Thankfully I experienced nothing more than what felt to me like a moderate cold. The three vaccines certainly helped. That said, the timing couldn’t have been worse, literally the most important week of the church’s year. I am eternally grateful to my clergy colleagues, Eileen and Alan and our two churchwardens Susan and Chris, who immediately took over and did a wonderful job. I hoped to be able to preside at at least one Christmas service, but despite self-isolation being cut from 10 to 7 days,
I continued to test positive for the virus on day 6 and 7, so it was the full 10 day lockdown for me.

I am now recovered and looking forward to a new year, soon we will be celebrating the completion of our first phase of stone restoration. On Sunday 10 April, Palm Sunday, we will welcome the Bishop of London to St Nicholas, who will preach, preside and bless our restoration efforts. Before this visit we continue with our 3rd Sunday classical concert series, more details of our latest concert on Sunday 16th January in this e-bulletin. We also look to the renewal of our common life and witness. Watch this space.

God is good.